Questions & Answers

  • Mentorship from The Black Dragon
  • Private Online Live Sessions
  • Master Classes
  • Short Courses on business, finances, communication, closing sales, networking and more
  • Personal Training, Coaching, Equipping, Imparting and Growth
  • Personal Online Portal on The Club 100 Platform
  • Access to private communication with other Club 100 members
  • Other Digital Content
  • % discount on future online courses
  • % discount on future events
  • Priority access to events

You will receive world-class training directly from Vusi. Through exclusive, consistent, and live mentorship, you will learn how to give 100% to your business, finances, and relationships – 100% of the time.

You have access to a private online platform with Vusi and the other Club 100 members. There are private live video feeds, exclusive live sessions, priority access to our events, as well as two-hour online meeting sessions with Vusi, which he will discuss content and answer queries.

You can join Club100 at any time – but applications will be carefully considered, and spaces are limited.

Sessions will take place throughout the month, and you will receive a notification when they start, either on your private group or by mail, so you can join. You will be billed monthly for your membership and it will continue until you decide to cancel it.

Club100 is a virtual private mentoring program. We will either record or live stream all sessions, and all communications will be handled via private groups. Every member will be able to receive communication in real time and in a personalised manner.

Yes, of course. Having direct contact with Vusi is one of the benefits of Club100. Within the private groups, you can also ask any questions you have and address any challenges that are keeping you from moving forward.

Club100 members may unsubscribe at any time, in which case they will be removed from private groups, their billing shall cease, and they will no longer be members.