Policy Scope

CLUB100 members are treated and served with care.

Complaints Procedure

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to all of our clients and ask that you let us know as soon as something goes wrong. In addition to giving us the opportunity to make things right for you, complaints provide us the chance to grow and learn for the future.

Policy Objectives

  1. To make a fair and simple complaints procedure available to anyone who wishes to file a complaint.
  2. To make our complaints procedure known so that people know how to contact us if they have a complaint.
  3. To ensure that everyone at CLUB100 understands what to do in the event of a complaint.
  4. To ensure that all complaints are investigated fairly and promptly.
  5. Make every effort to resolve complaints and repair relationships whenever possible.
  6. To gather information that will help us improve what we do.


Only those who need to know will be informed about complaints, as data protection is taken seriously and regulations will be observed.

  1. A complaint can be made verbally, via email, or in writing.
  2. Please contact us within 14 days with full details of your dissatisfaction.
  3. What happens next?
  4. We’ll acknowledge receipt of your complaint and enclose a copy of this procedure within three business days.
  5. Our investigation will take 14 days. This involves sending your complaint to our Programme Lead, who will investigate and speak with any personnel who worked with you.
  6. We’ll confirm what transpired and any solutions agreed upon in writing.
  7. If you’re still unhappy, contact us again and we’ll review the decision with our Executive leadership.
  8. We’ll confirm our final position on your complaint and explain our decision within 14 days of receiving your review request.


Members have the ability to deactivate their Club100 accounts at any time; if they do so, they will be removed from private groups, their billing will cease, and they will no longer be members.

Contact Details

Email us at finance@vtclub100.com